Protect NS citizens
from pesticides now, coalition says

UPdate Fall 2008

What possible reason could the NS provincial government have for forbidding every municipality except Halifax the right to protect their citizens from pesticides?

Another year has passed and Nova Scotia remains the only province in Canada where municipalities are forbidden to restrict pesticide use and the provincial government has taken no action to limit pesticide use either.

EHANS, along with other members of the Pesticide Free Nova Scotia coalition, is calling on the provincial government to take two big steps forward on pesticide reduction.

First, allow all municipalities the right to fully protect their citizens against pesticides. Municipalities already have the general right to protect the health of their citizens. Second, Nova Scotia should follow the example of Quebec and Ontario and adopt a province-wide pesticide code banning the use and sale of hazardous pesticides throughout Nova Scotia. Banning the sale of pesticides makes the most sense when its done for the whole province.
There’s a provincial election coming soon – probably Spring 2009. Let your MLA and the Premier know that you want Nova Scotia to be a leader in pesticide protection, not a laggard. By the summer of ’09, Nova Scotia citizens should have the same protection from toxic pesticide exposure that millions of other Canadians have.

UPdate, Fall 2008, Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia