Pesticides Donít Go Away
a letter to the editor
by Maureen Reynolds

UPdate  Fall 1999

     I was surprised that your article about pesticides, in the April issue, left out two important aspects of pesticide use.

     First, the Department of the Environment has stated that a pesticide like 2,4-D can have a half life of up to 50 days! This means that 50 days after the product is used, half of the toxin that was used, could still be there.

     This article, which, in fact contained much useful information, also neglected to mention the research showing that just walking over a treated lawn could bring 2,4-D into the house, and because there is no sunlight or rain to break it down, it becomes part of your house dust and is measurable in your house dust up to a year later.

     Obvious precautions include: (1) donít use pesticides; (2) take off your shoes before entering your own home; and, finally, (3) avoid and keep your children out of homes where pesticides are used regularly.