Allergic to the 20th Century
by Peter Radetsky
UPdate Winter 2001


      Human drama, intrigue, true grit.  Peter Radetsky has produced an overview of environmentally induced illnesses that has it all.   Radetsky, a science writer, makes a strong, well documented case about the reality and seriousness of these illnesses. He reflects how people affected with MCS and Gulf War Syndrome struggle to live and heal.  He looks at the theories of medical experts as well as skeptics about the disease. Radetsky shows  the wide and devastating effects of chemical exposures including pesticides and unhealthy offices and schools. He follows several extremely sick chemical victims on their path to better health.  The book introduces the reader to many of the movers and shakers involved in this issue, in the medical,
social and legal fields.  A concluding section on Gulf War Syndrome is both sad and ominous.  Easy to read and hard to put down, this book is a "must read" on our list.


     Copies of Allergic to the 20th Century have been donated to the Nova Scotia Public Library system by the Dr. E. Bruce Elliott Memorial Fund.