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The Enviromental Health Association of Nova Scotia (EHANS) is a non-profit, community based organization founded in 1985 and run by volunteers. Formerly known as the Nova Scotia Allergy and Environmental Health Association, EHANS operates throughout Nova Scotia. Through internet resources, EHANS serves a broad constituency across Canada, the US and beyond.

EHANS provides information and support to people already ill from environmental causes. EHANS also promotes healthier alternatives to prevent more people from becoming ill from environmental causes.


  • To increase knowledge and awareness of environmental health issues
  • To improve prevention, recognition and treatment of environmental illnesses through innovative programs and services

EHANS Objectives

  • Provide information to raise awareness about the causes, symptoms and treatment of environmental illness
  • Encourage policies and practices that reduce risk of illness
  • Promote healthy environments, both indoor and outdoor, through collaboration with individuals and organizations sharing this goal
  • Support health care professionals in their quest for greater knowledge and understanding of environmental health issues
  • Enhance the availability of treatment of environmentally related illnesses throughout Nova Scotia

Program Iniatives

  • Guide to Less Toxic Products,
  • Educational outreach speakers
  • Toll free Hot Line, a community-based support network for people affected by or living with environmental illness: 1-800-449-1995
  • Display booths and participation at health shows and other public events
  • Environmental health information archives at


Hot line

EHANS managing board members for 2012- 2013:
Eric Slone, President
Alison Petten, Vice President

Members at large:
Karen Robinson
Barb Harris
Suzanne LeBlanc