Environmental Health Association 
of Nova Scotia
formerly Nova Scotia Allergy and Environmental Health Association




Canadian Sites:
Canadians for a Safe Learning Environment (CASLE)
Nova Scotia Provincial Health Council
Environmental Illness Society of Canada 
Elements: An OnLine Environmental Magazine - this site has many articles of interest to Maritimers
The Advocate-on-Line ,
Health Hazards of Natural Gas ,
Real Alternatives to Toxins in the Environment  ,
The Lung Association: Twenty five informative fact sheets on common indoor health hazards
including mold, radon, scents, and more from the Lung Association.

CMHC: Information Products & Services. Includes publications re: building materials for the environmentally hypersensitive, how to clean up mold in houses, etc. 

International Sites:
The Chemical Sensitivity Foundation (Maine)
The Environmental Health Network (of California)
Fragranced Products Information Network  ,
The Environmental Health Center - Dallas  , 
North Carolina Chemical Injury Network  , 
The Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Primer ,
The American Academy of Environmental Medicine
The Candida Page ,
The Colorado Health Site  is one of the most comprehensive and easy to use sites I've found.  To see excellent section re. MCS go to site overview and click on chronic illnesses/prevention and find MCS.
EPA: Indoor Air Quality Home Pagecheck out the USA govt. point of view