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UPdate Fall 2008
Cancer, genetic defects are uranium’s legacy An interview with Dr. David Maxwell
Invisible Illnesses Need to be Counted
Smoke-free Rental Units Coming Soon?
Greenwashing Uranium: Nuclear energy is not green energy
Unlabeled toxic chemicals in common household products
Nine Facts You Need to Know about Uranium Mining
Change your laundry habits…Chemical fabric softeners and your health
Leave uranium in the ground: Citizens want complete ban
Radon: Invisible health threat in the home
Antibacterial Soaps: No health benefits, and risky to boot
Three Winter Tips for a Healthy Home
I’ve been using the Guide to Less Toxic Products a lot…
The following merchants sell Dryerballs to benefit EHANS. Our thanks for their support.
EHANS at World Urban Forum 4
Scent-free buildings earn Green LEED Credits
Karen Robinson named Eco-hero
Protect NS citizens from pesticides now, coalition says
Court finds Wood Smoke Hazardous to Health
Triclosan + tap water = chloroform
One Chance to Develop a Brain: Neurotoxic chemicals and children’s health

Website Special Fall 2007
Toxic Ignorance
How to Detoxify your Car: Reducing that new car smell
Get Rid of Fabric Softeners

UPdate Fall 2007
Our Chemical Body Burden
Cancer and the animal world: Learning the lessons

Make your own rice bag for winter comfort
EHANS to research building materials for the chemically sensitive
Mold and Mood: Study connects mold and depression
Insurance companies target environmental medicine doctors
Ontario Right to Know Act would reveal cancer-causing chemicals, pollutants
Canadian Medical Association recognizes link between good health and good environment
Microwave safe plastic- is it really safe?
Children especially vulnerable to chemical exposures: WHO
The hidden health risks of air fresheners
Provincial pesticide bylaws on the agenda in 2008
Cancer and lifestyle: Looking at the whole picture
An energy efficient home can be a healthy home: Save heat the right way
Less toxic diapers for seniors and babies
Polluting printers contaminate office air
Presenting the EHANS team: Managing Board members 2007-2008
Book Review: Ecoholic: Your Guide to the Most Environmentally Friendly Information, Products, and Services in Canada
Book Review: Cancer: 101 Solutions to a Preventable Epidemic

UPdate Summer 2007
Accommodating the environmentally sensitive protects everyone
What a Situation to Be In!
How to find a car with better interior air quality
Helpful Hint: Avoid Plastic for Food Storage
Lavendar and tea tree oils mimic estrogen
Cleaning with microfiber is easy, effective, less toxic
Missing boys – Are chemicals the culprit?
Medically unexplained illnesses: study reveals impacts of illnesses
Victory for anti-spray coalition - NYC concedes spraying against mosquitoes may be dangerous
Fire retardant protection “outrageously weak”
Why 54 of 55 municipalities in NS can’t have a pesticide bylaw
Pesticides, fertilizers threaten brain development
Plastic chemical found in canned foods
Reproductive Health: “Our bodies are the piano, but our hands are the environment”
Scientists shatter old truths about toxins and health
Sheila Cole honoured by Nova Scotia Environmental Network
Helpful Hint: Avoid Bisphenol A in baby bottles
Best practices for pesticide reduction
Successful treatment for environmental illnesses requires holistic approach
Don’t be fooled: Weed and Feed means pesticides

UPdate Spring 2007
4000 Toxic Chemicals and No Plan of Action
Anti bacterial Soaps do More Harm than Good
Which foods contain the least pesticides?

Developing a Definition for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Great chefs don't need Teflon - neither do you
Two Thumbs Way UP for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Survival Guide
Living with Blindness and Chemical Sensitivity: Two disabilities with different challenges
Mothballs, air fresheners and cancer
Naturally scented cleaners have unexpected risks
Sound Science Just an Excuse
EHANS at World Urban Forum

UPdate Summer 2006
Feds refuse pesticide moratorium
Aspartame increases cancer risk
Healthy school group honoured
Chinch bugs... vacuum them, swamp them, feed them to the birds
Volunteers make it happen
New books from EHANS' library donation project
Physician scholarship program 2006

Pesticides destroy frog immunity, fertility
What People Are Saying About The Guide to Less Toxic Products
Choose healthier paint
Healthy painting practices

Lead paint poisons children
Cancer Society says NB should ban pesticides
Beware of the new car smell
Europe leads world in chemical safety
Teflon labelled cancer risk
Is it too late to protect my health?
Finding a safer home away from home

UPdate Spring 2006
Putting environmental health on the political agenda
Glufosinate hampers brain development
Organic food gives children dramatic protection
A salon without scents -- awesome
Complementary medicine docs gain protection
Cosmetic hazards revealed

Denmark considers pesticide quotas
Fluoride in your food?
Book review: Environmentally Induced Illnesses: Ethics, Risk Assessment and Human Rights
Head lice: the key is in the comb
What’s wrong with chemical based lice shampoos

Lice Dos and Don'ts
Book review: Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Narratives of Coping
Britain: Buffer zone for agricultural pesticides
Pollution in the womb
The Precautionary Principle as a Practical Guide

UPdate Spring 2005
Volatile Organic Compounds Affect Human Health
Do You Know What You're Burning?
Canada's Smart Regulations not So Smart
Chemical Sensitivity in Japan
Tobacco Tidbits

Book Reviews: Is Your Home Healthy?

Health Canada's Smart Regulations Not so Smart
Why Healthy People Get Cancer
Shareholders Want Avon to Walk the Walk
Terra Madre: a Global Gathering of Food Producers
Common Chemicals/Radiation Increase Breast Cancer Risk
Gulf War Syndrome Caused by Chemical Exposures
The 2005 E. Bruce Elliott Memorial Scholarship in Environmental Medicine
Why Healthy People Get Cancer: Centre Examines Environmental Suspects
Air Fresheners Create Indoor Smog 
EHANS Notes and News
Cosmetic Companies Will Follow European Anti-toxic Standards 
UPdate Spring 2004
Pesticide Bans Spreading
Ontario Physicians Trash Pesticides
Old Faithfuls - Safe Household Cleaners
Guide Helps Identify Safer Cosmetics and Cleaners
Pesticides Build Up in Our Bodies
More Doctors Trained in Environmental Medicine
What People Are Saying About The Guide to Less Toxic Products
Chemical Industry Fears Health-Environment Alliance
Book Review: When Smoke Ran Like Water: Tales of Environmental Deception and the Battle Against Pollution

Website Special Articles, November 2003
Accommodating Employees with Environmental Sensitivities  (pdf files)
  A Guide for Building Managers 
  A Guide for the Workplace
  Employee Awareness Kit
Now Online at: http://harepublishing.com/es.html

Website Special Articles, Spring 2003
On the Beach
Don't Play With CCA: Treated Wood Still on the Market
Anaesthetics for the Chemically Sensitive, Website Special March, 2003
Environmental Illness, West Nile Virus and Human Rights, Website Special Spring 2003


UPdate Spring 2003
Workplace Exposures Cause Nurses' Illnesses
Gulf War Illnesses Not Caused by Stress
Plastic Linked to Birth Defects
"Chemical Exposures: Low Levels, High Stakes" - a Book Review by Agnes Malouf
"Prescriptions for a Healthy House" - a Book Review by Barbara Harris
Naturopath Enthusiastic About Environmental Medicine Course
Garden Aids for the Poison Free Gardener, by Barbara Harris
Pesticides Disrupt Brain Development and Reproduction - excerpts from Dr. Margaret Sanborn
The Hazards of DEET
Eight Reasons Why Spraying Pesticides is Not the Solution to West Nile Virus, by Rebecca Watson
Choosing the Right Sun Protection, by Sharon Labchuk


Website Special Articles, Winter 2003
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - a 1999 Consensus
The Great Debate - Defining MCS
Phase Out Begins for Pressure Treated Wood and Playgrounds
2003 Elliott Scholarship
Healthy School Opens in Halifax
Healthy School Construction
Moving Towards Healthier New Schools - The Halifax West Experience

UPdate Fall 2002
Why Doctors Care About Climate Change
Radium Girls: Lessons From The Past
Not Too Pretty: The High Price of Beauty
Bayer Wants Human Pesticide Tests
Fragrance Facts Fan Flames
DND Scraps Lawn Pesticides
European Union Withdraws Pesticides
Fresh or Foul?  Air Fresheners in Public Spaces
Pesticides Crash Frog Immune Systems
PEI Reduces Scent Use
Quebec Limits Cosmetic Pesticides
Labour Movement Takes on Workplace Carcinogens
Know Your Carcinogens
Is School Making My Child Sick?
Pesticide Ads Illegal & Deceptive

Website Special Article, Fall2002
Nova Scotia Restricts Tobacco Use in Most Public Places, by Catherine J. Cole

Website Special Article, Summer 2002
Sunnyhill: The Health Story of the 80"s, by Bruce and Barbara Small, (reprinted from the book)

UPdate Summer 2002
Life in an ECO Classroom, by Avis DeGaust
Lumber Exposes Prompt Phaseout, by Rebecca Watson
Loblaws Eliminates Chemical Pesticides
Cancer Society Opposes Cosmetic Pesticide Use
Quebec Prefers Dandelions to Pesticides
New Federal Pesticide Bill in the Works
Pesticide Reduction in the Maritimes
Cross Border Toxins
Environmental Medicine Scholarship Benefits GP's and Patients
Petition Questions Perfume Safety
Scent Strips Spark Protests & Response
Arsenic Treated Wood Precautions
Allergic Gourmet Finds Great New Cookbook
Arsenic: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment
New Guide to Less Toxic Products - Send Suggestions!

May 2002
Michigan Governor Declares MCS Awareness Week (website item)

March 2002
Help Make Nova Scotia Smoke Free (website item)

December 2001 - Website Special 
Pesticide Restrictions Sprouting Like Weeds

November 2001 - Website Special 
Pesticide Wars: The Troubling Story of Dr. Omar Shafey

UPdate Fall 2001
Toxic Mixes Double Trouble
Empty Your Compost!
Home Planning For Health, a Good Investment
Shelly's Story
Barb's Story
Lori's Story
Doctor Seeks Healthy Housing for EI Patients
Cancer and the Role of Environment
Prevention is the Cure
Ali's Recipe for Disaster
Soups and Variations
Access Includes Environmental Disabilities
Indoor Air Regulations Not Good Enough
Right To Live Free From Toxic Chemicals

November 2001
Physician Scholarship Opportunity

September 2001  - Website Special 
A Young Crusader Speaks About Pesticides, Children and Cancer

UPdate Summer 2001
  Halifax Cosmetic Pesticide Ban in Place
  The Health Hazards of Natural Gas, by David Wimberly and Agnes Malouf
  Vermont Law Protects School Air Quality
  Biting Insects - What To Do?
  Grow an Organic Minigarden
  Book Review: Noah's Garden
  Book Review: Square Foot Gardening
  Is There An Effective Way to Control Fleas That Is Safe for My Pet And Family?
  Building Green In Mahone Bay
  Whistleblowers at Health Canada Protect Food Safety
  Environmental Health Centre Review - "Centre Needed but Lots of Problems"

July 2001
  StatsCan and Environmental Illness
  Smoke-Free Kings Requests Support

June 2001
  NSAEHA's AGM Scheduled for June 9, 2001
  MCS Would Be Bad Enough Without Derisive Attacks from Skeptical Ignorami, by Charles Moore
  The Creator, St. Francis and Lawns, by Cyberspace Anon

May 2001
One Day Workshop in Tatamagouche on MCS and Environmental Illness
  First International Environmental Illness Conference

  Elliott Memorial Lecture: Gulf War Syndrome - Aftermath of a Toxic Battlefield


April 2001  - Website Special 
The Free Trade Agreement of the Americas and the Environmentally Ill

March 2001  - Website Special -
Federal Bill to Ban Cosmetic Pesticides

UPdate Winter 2001
  Letter to the Editor: What About the Rest of Us?
  Feds Fumble Pesticide Progress
  EISC Holds Nowhere to Hide from Pollution Conference
  Helping Relationships Survive Illness, by Anne Fulton
 Health Council Identifies Environmental Health Concerns 

 Video Review: MCS: How Chemical Exposures May Be Affecting Your Health

 Halifax West: Lessons from a Sick School

 Book Review: Allergic to the 20th Century

 Eat Organic On a Budget!

  Book Review: Living Well With a Hidden Disability

  Safe Haven for Sensitive Students, by Avis Degaust

  EI Disabled Workers Winning Workers' Comp Appeals


UPdate Spring & Summer 2000
  Controversial Decision Made by WCB Appeals Tribunal
  HRM Debates Cosmetic Lawn Pesticide Use
  Pesticide Use - Incomplete Knowledge No Excuse, by Dawna Ring
  Cosmetic Pesticides - Risks Outweigh Benefits, by Dr. R. Strang
  Pesticides & Cancer, by Dr. R. Rutledge
  Fragrance Industry Fights to Regain N.S, Market,

  Health Canada, What is Your Role?, by Charlotte Hutchinson
  Treatment Petition Sends Strong Message
  Children's Playsets - Do you really want to use pressure treated wood?, by Andrea Johnson

May 2000  - Website Special Article
 Research Review by Dr. Gerald Ross

March 2000  - Website Special Article
  NSAEHA Special Presentation:Why Halifax Regional Municipality Should Ban Cosmetic Pesticides

Winter 1999 - Website Special Article
  Treated Wood: Do You Know What You're Using?, by Andrea Johnson

UPdate Winter 1999 - 2000
  The Canadian Human Rights Commission - a Misnomer?, by Charlotte Hutchinson
  Tribute to Dr. E. Bruce Elliott

  Shortage of Environmental Medicine Doctors, by Karen Robinson

  Environmental Russian Roulette - Elizabeth May Speaks Out
   No Wonder I'm Sick ..., by Amy Brennan
   Wells, Pesticides Don't Mix, by Helen Jones
  Twentieth-Century Disease Enters the New Millennium, by Sheila Cole


UPdate Fall 1999
  Pesticides Don't Go Away - a letter to the editor
  Teenager Makes Scientific Breakthrough

  Parliament to Study environmental Illness

  Start Eliminating Toxins in the Home, by Sheila Cole

  "Why Won't My Insurance Company Believe I'm Sick?", an Interview with Eric Sloane

  Indoor Air Quality Regulations Stalled, by Ian Johnson

  Toxic Cleaners ALERT
  The Sleeping Giant & Other Schools, by Karen Robinson

  Broad Support for Limiting Pesticides

  Environment Canada’s Solution to Toxic Office Air?, by C.  Hutchinson

UPdate Spring 1999
 Tax Deduction Information, by Patricia Phalen
  Useful Reference Books re: creating pesticide free gardens

 A Look at Treatment Options, by Karen Robinson

  What's Keeping Your Municipality from Passing a Pesticide Bylaw?, by H. Jones
  Where to Find Pesticide-free Lawn and Landscape Care Products

  Why Clover is Your Friend

  How Much Do You Pay For Your Neighbour’s Lawn Care?, by Florence Senay

UPdate Summer 1998 
  Dreams of Help Vanishing: Patient Concerns About the NSEHC

January 1998 
  Report on Environmental Hypersensitivity, by Dr. Patricia Beresford, BA, MD

UPdate Winter1997
  Porphyria - Another Connection With MCS, by Linda Thompson
  A Primer on Electromagnetic Sensitivity, by Michael P. Milburn

  Surviving Illness From Home Renovations, by Danita Dubinsky Aziza
  An EMF Strory: Tale of a Former Computer Programmer, by Katherine Auslander

UPdate Fall 1997
  Scents Are Not What They Seem, by Karen Robinson
  Fragrance Facts, by Karen Robinson

  "Now I Understand Environmental Illness", a letter to the editor

AEHA National UPdate Summer 1997
  Neighborly Pesticides, by Colleeen Pawlychka

UPdate Spring 1997
  Pesticides or Us, by Katherine Auslander
  A House Built, A Life Saved, by Flora Campbell

UPdate Fall1996
  Why Use Scents?
  Are Scent Free Products Really Scent Free?
  Hospital Experiences - Accommodating EI, by Elizabeth Stutt
  Dental Mercury Exposure:  Dietary Issues, by Helen Lofgren
  Tips on Coping with MCS - a survey
  Eating Properly Outside Your Home, by Gwenyth Whitford
  Do the Big Five, Synopsis of National Conference on Children with Sensitivities, 1996

UPdate Summer 1996
  Ozone Generators - Are They Right For You?, by Robin and Audrey Barrett

UPdate Spring1996
  Travel Tips - Trouble Free Take Offs and Landings, by Gwenith Whitford
  Heating Systems - Features to Look For, by Robin and Audrey Barrett
  BTK Biocide Victory
  School Phobia or Environmental Sensitivities?, by Elisabeth Stutt
 "Our Stolen Future", a Book review by Michael Milburn

 "Free to Fly", a Book Review by Helen Lofgren

  The Language of Illness, by Anne Fulton
  Maggie's Tail, by Kathleen Hunter

UPdate Winter 1995-1996
  "Toxic Metal Syndrome", a Book Review by Helen Lofgren 

UPdate Fall 1995
  Elements of a Healthy House, by David Cheyne
  Is Your Home Healthy?

  Humidifiers - Friend or Foe?, by Robin and Audrey Barrett

UPdate Summer 1995
  Bugged by Garden Pests?  Natural Solutions that Work, by Jennifer Bennett
  New IAQ Regulations Being Drafted, by Robin & Audrey Barrett

  Proposed Amendments to the Medical Act of Nova Scotia
  The Hazards of Cosmetics, by Carol Barczak

UPdate Spring 1995
  Environmental Sensitivities: A Family Illness, by Keith Conrod

UPdate Winter 1994-1995
 A Child's Food Allergies, by Jane Brooks
  Crisis in the Office - Indoor Air and Illness, by Elisabeth Stutt

  Making a Reading Box

  No Scents Please!!, by Anne Cheyne

  The Harmful Effects of Scented Products, by Robin Barrett

  From Where I Sit, by Helen Lofgren

 Submission for Discussion Paper on Indoor Air Quality, by AEHA Committee

  Wood Preservatives Cause Hypersensitivity in Germany
  Right to Access forThose With MCS
  Checking for Allergies
  Schools - The Perils of Permanent Marking Pens, by Linda Cuddy
  Book Review - "How to Get Services by Being Assertive"

UPdate Fall 1994
  Tributes and Testimonials
  Waiting for Treatment?, by David and Anne Cheyne

  N.S. Environmental Medicine Clinic: How It Came To Be, To The Present Day, by Cathy McDonald
  Services Provided at the NS Environmental Medicine Clinic, by Dr. G. Ross

UPdate Summer 1994
  Environmental Illness & Multiple Chemical Sensitivities - Invisible Disabilities
  EPA Employees Win Verdict Against Building Owner
  Schools & Environmental Sensitivities in the Classroom: How Teachers Can Help

UPdate Spring 1994
  Mould and Moisture in Your Home, by Robin and Audrey Barrett

UPdate Fall 1993
  Finding Tolerable Clothing or Fabric, by Doris Brunza
  The Architecture of Illness - Millions of Workers are "Sick of Work", by David Steinman

AEHA Newsletter  Winter 1993 - 1994
  Identifying Allergy Triggers, by Cecli O'Grady

  Medical Update, by Dr. Sherry Rogers

  Considerations for Safer Construction and Renovation, by Preston Sturgis

  Book Review - "How to Get Services by Being Assertive

AEHA Newsletter June 1992
  Creative Eating, by Susan Bone

  Search for Environmental Causes of Illness, by Robin Barrett
  The Helping Garden, by Helen Lofgren

AEHA Newsletter Spring 1991
  How Safe Are Perfumes, by LMS Moffat

AEHA Newsletter Fall 1991
  Disabled, Unemployed, On Welfare: It Can Happen to Anyone, by Lynn Thompson

AEHA Newsletter December 1991
  Coping With Chronic Illness, Notes from a lecture by Dr. Michael Vallis

AEHA Newsletter Fall 1990
  Keeping A Diet Diary, by Del Stigler, MD
  Allergic Person Lives Here, by M.A. Boyd
  Discovering My Immune System, by Liz Houghtling

AEHA Newsletter Winter 1990
  Making Healing Changes, by Dawn McLaughlin Mongillo
  Learning Disabilities - The Environmental Connection
  Healthy Environments for Canadians - Making the Vision a Reality, by Bruce Small