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Expert Tips, Website Special Article March 2003
Anaesthetics for the Chemically Sensitive

Expert Tips from UPdate, Fall 2002
Is School Making My Child Sick?

Expert Tips from UPdate, Summer 2001
  Biting Insects - What To Do
  Is There An Effective Way to Control Fleas That Is Safe for My Pet And Family?

Expert Tips from UPdate, Winter 2001
  Eat Organic On a Budget!

Expert Tips from UPdate, Winter 2000
  The Bedroom & Environmental Illness, by Sheila Cole
  Children's Playsets - Do you really want to use pressure treated wood?, by Andrea Johnson

Expert Tips from UPdate, Fall 1999
  Start Eliminating Toxins in the Home, by Sheila Cole
  "Why Won't My Insurance Company Believe I'm Sick?", an Interview with Eric Sloane