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Environmental Health Association 
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formerly Nova Scotia Allergy and Environmental Health Association
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Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Allergy and Environmental Health Association 

EHANS was founded in 1985. We were formerly known as the Nova Scotia Allergy and Environmental Health Association, NSAEHA.

EHANS provides information and support to people already ill from environmental causes and promotes healthier alternatives to prevent others from becoming ill.

EHANS is a non-profit volunteer-run organization established in 1985. EHANS operates throughout Nova Scotia, and welcomes members from any part of Canada, or elsewhere.

EHANS Mandate:

  • To increase knowledge and awareness of environmental health issues
  • To improve prevention, recognition and treatment of environmental illnesses through innovative programs and services

EHANS Objectives:

  • Inform and empower EHANS members and the general public about the causes, symptoms and treatment of environmental illness
  • Encourage policies and practices which reduce risk of illness
  • Promote healthy environments, both indoor and outdoor, through collaboration with individuals and organizations who share this goal
  • Support health care professionals in their quest for greater knowledge and understanding of environmental health issues
  • Enhance the availability of treatment of environmentally related illnesses throughout Nova Scotia

EHANS Program Initiatives

  • Guide to Less Toxic Products, www.lesstoxicguide.ca
  • Scholarship Program to train health care professionals in environmental medicine
  • Update semi-annual newsletter and UPdate on-line , www.environmentalhealth.ca 
  • Dr. E. Bruce Elliott Memorial Lecture Series
  • Workshops, panel discussions, and meetings
  • Library of reference materials
  • Toll free Hot Line, a community-based support network for people affected by or living with environmental illness 1-800-449-1995
  • Display booths and participation at health shows and other public events

EHANS is a volunteer organization with both an Advisory Board and a Management Board of Directors. The Advisory Board consist of outstanding community leaders who have agreed to lend their support and expertise in the fields of law, education, medicine, business, government, public relations and others to advance the mission and activities of the EHANS.

EHANS managing board members for 2005-6 are Eric Slone, President; Alison Petten, Vice President, Karen Robinson, Treatment and Healthy Schools; Barb Harris, UPdate and Websites; Karen Morton, Communications;Liz Campbell-Delaney and Suzanne LeBlanc, Members at Large; Sheila Cole, CEN liaison; and Maureen Reynolds, RATE liaison.

Membership is open to anyone interested in promoting environmental health.

To become involved in EHANS as a volunteer, contact us at our toll free number 1-800-449-1995 or write to us at PO Box 31323, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3K 5Y5