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~~ Safe Office Space ~~

UPdate Fall 2007
Polluting printers contaminate office air

UPdate Winter 2005

Accommodating the environmentally sensitive protects everyone
Air Fresheners Create Indoor Smog

Website Special Articles, November 2003
Accommodating Employees with Environmental Sensitivities  (pdf files)
  A Guide for Building Managers 
  A Guide for the Workplace
  Employee Awareness Kit
Now Online at: http://harepublishing.com/es.html

UPdate Fall 2001
  Indoor Air Regulations Not Good Enough - an open letter from NSAEHA to the Minister of Environment

UPdate Spring/Summer 2000
  Health Canada - What is Your Role?, by Charlotte Hutchinson

UPdate Winter 1999 - 2000
  The Canadian Human Rights Commission - a Misnomer?, by Charlotte Hutchinson

UPdate Fall 1999
  Environment Canada's Solution to Toxic Office Air, by Charlotte Hutchinson

UPdate Winter/Spring, 1994 - 1995
  Crisis in the Office - Indoor Air and Illness, by Elisabeth Stutt

UPdate Summer 1994
   EPA Employees Win Verdict Against Building Owner

UPdate Fall 1993
  The Architecture of Illness - Millions of Workers are "Sick of Work", by David Stienman