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~~ Healthy Homes & Gardens ~~

Healthy Homes:

Smoke-free Rental Units Coming Soon?

Unlabeled toxic chemicals in common household products

Change your laundry habits…Chemical fabric softeners and your health

Radon: Invisible health threat in the home

Triclosan + tap water = chloroform

Make your own rice bag for winter comfort

Get Rid of Fabric Softeners

EHANS to research building materials for the chemically sensitive

Mold and Mood: Study connects mold and depression

The hidden health risks of air fresheners

An energy efficient home can be a healthy home

Cleaning with microfiber is easy, effective, less toxic

Naturally scented cleaners have unexpected risks

Mothballs, air fresheners and cancer

Great chefs don't need Teflon - neither do you

Choose healthier paint

Healthy painting practices

Lead paint poisons children

Healthy homes are possible

Health Hazards of Natural Gas

The Bedroom & Environmental Illness

Start Eliminating Toxins at Home

Is Your Home Healthy?

Wood Preservative & Hypersensitivity - Germany

Humidifiers - Friend or Foe?

Elements of a Healthy House

Surviving Home Renovations

A House Built, A Life Saved

Heating Systems - Features to Look For

Mould & Moisture in Your Home

Building Green In Mahone Bay

Empty Your Compost!

Home Planning For Health, a Good Investment

Barb's Story

Shelly's Story

Lori's Story

Doctor Seeks Healthy Homes for EI Patients

Ozone Generators - Are They For You?

Lumber Exposes Prompt Phaseout

Treated Wood: Do You Know What You're Using?

Arsenic Treated Wood Precautions

Children's Playsets - Do you really want to use pressure treated wood?

Considerations for Safer Construction/Renovation

"Prescriptions for a Healthy House" - a Book Review by Barbara Harris

Old Faithfuls - Safe Household Cleaners

Healthy Gardens:
Chinch bugs... vacuum them, swamp them, feed them to the birds

Grow an Organic Minigarden

Do you really want to use pressure treated wood?

Where to Find Pesticide-free Lawn CareProducts 

Why Clover is Your Friend

Bugged by Garden Pests?  Try Natural Solutions

The Helping Garden, by Helen Lofgren

Don't Play With CCA: Treated Wood Still on the Market

Garden Aids for the Poison Free Gardener