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Children's Health

One Chance to Develop a Brain: Neurotoxic chemicals and children’s health, UPdate Fall 2008

Children especially vulnerable to chemical exposures: WHO, UPdate Fall 2007

The hidden health risks of air fresheners, UPdate Fall 2007
Less toxic diapers for seniors and babies, UPdate Fall 2007

Lavendar and tea tree oils mimic estrogen, UPdate Summer 2007
Missing boys – Are chemicals the culprit?, UPdate Summer 2007
Pesticides, fertilizers threaten brain development, UPdate Summer 2007
Plastic chemical found in canned foods, UPdate Summer 2007
Reproductive Health: “Our bodies are the piano, but our hands are the environment”, UPdate Summer 2007
Scientists shatter old truths about toxins and health, UPdate Summer 2007
Helpful Hint: Avoid Bisphenol A in baby bottles, UPdate Summer 2007

Anti bacterial Soaps do More Harm than Good, UPdate Spring 2007

Healthy school group honoured, UPdate Summer 2006
Lead paint poisons children UPdate Summer 2006

Glufosinate hampers brain development, UPdate Spring 2006
Organic food gives children dramatic protection, UPdate Spring 2006
Head lice: the key is in the comb, UPdate Spring 2006
What’s wrong with chemical based lice shampoos, UPdate Spring 2006
Lice Dos and Don'ts, UPdate Spring 2006
Pollution in the womb, UPdate Spring 2006

Plastic Linked to Birth Defects, UPdate Spring 2003
The Hazards of DEET, UPdate Spring 2003

Phase Out Begins for Pressure Treated Wood and Playgrounds, Website Special Article Winter 2003
Moving Towards Healthier New Schools - The Halifax West Experience, by Karen Robinson (Website Special Article, winter 2003)
Healthy School Opens in Halifax  (Website Special Article, winter 2003)
Healthy School Construction  (Website Special Article, winter 2003)

Is School Making My Child Sick?, by Karen Robinson & Sandra Moser, UPdate Fall 2002
Life in an ECO Classroom, by Avis DeGaust, UPdate Summer 2002

Lori's Story,  UPdate Fall 2001
A Young Crusader Speaks About Pesticides, Children and Cancer,   September, 2001, Special Article
Vermont Law Protects School Air Quality,   UPdate Summer 2001
Halifax West: Lessons from a Sick School,   UPdate Winter 2001

Children's Playsets - Do you really want to use pressure treated wood?, by Andrea Johnson, UPdate Spring/Summer 2000

School Phobia or Environmental Sensitivities,   UPdate Spring 1996
Do the Big Five, Synopsis of National Conference on Children with Sensitivities, AEHA Quarterly Fall 1996

Schools, The Perils of Permanent Marking Pens, AEHA Quarterly, Winter 94-Spring 95
A Child's Food Allergies, AEHA Quarterly, Winter 94-Spring 95

Schools & Environmental Sensitivities in the Classroom: How Teachers Can Help, AEHA Quarterly Summer 1994

Learning Disabilities - The Environmental Connection, AEHA Quarterly Winter 1990