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UPdate Fall 2008
Invisible Illnesses Need to be Counted
Smoke-free Rental Units Coming Soon?

UPdate Summer 2007
Accommodating the environmentally sensitive protects everyone
How to find a car with better interior air quality
Helpful Hint: Avoid Plastic for Food Storage
Medically unexplained illnesses: study reveals impacts of illnesses

UPdate Spring 2007
Developing a Definition for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Two Thumbs Way UP for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Survival Guide
Living with Blindness and Chemical Sensitivity: Two disabilities with different challenges

UPdate Summer 2006
What People Are Saying About The Guide to Less Toxic Products
Finding a safer home away from home

UPdate Spring 2006
Book review: Environmentally Induced Illnesses: Ethics, Risk Assessment and Human Rights
Lice Dos and Don'ts
Reader Comment: People with MCS denied public access

UPdate Spring 2004
Guide Helps Identify Safer Cosmetics and Cleaners

Website Special Article, Summer 2002
Sunnyhill: The Health Story of the 80"s, by Bruce and Barbara Small, (reprinted from the book)

UPdate Summer 2002
New Guide to Less Toxic Products

UPdate Fall 2001
Barb's Story
Shelly's Story
Lori's Story
Access Includes Environmental Disabilities

UPdate Winter 2001
Helping Relationships Survive Illness, by Anne Fulton
Book Review: Living Well With a Hidden Disability

UPdate Winter 1997
An EMF Story: Tale of a Computer Programmer, by Katherine Auslander
Surviving Illness From Home Renovations, by Danita Dubinsky Aziza

UPdate Spring 1997
A House Built - A Life Saved, by Flora Campbell

UPdate Fall 1996
Hospital Experiences - Accommodating EI, by Elizabeth Stutt
Tips on Coping with MCS - a survey
Eating Properly Outside Your Home, by Gwenyth Whitford
Dental Mercury Exposure:  Dietary Issues, by Helen Lofgren
Do the Big Five, Synopsis of National Conference on Children with Sensitivities, 1996

UPdate Spring1996
Travel Tips - Trouble Free Take Offs and Landings, by Gwenith Whitford
The Language of Illness, by Anne Fulton
Maggie's Tail, by Kathleen Hunter

UPdate Winter 1994 - Spring 1995
Right to Access forThose With MCS
Making a Reading Box
A Child's Food Allergies

UPdate Summer 1994
Environmental Illness & Multiple Chemical Sensitivities - Invisible Disabilities
Schools & Environmental Sensitivities in the Classroom: How Teachers Can Help

UPdate Fall 1993
Finding Tolerable Clothing and Fabric, by Doris Brunza

AEHA Newsletter  Winter 1993 - 1994
Book Review - "How to Get Services by Being Assertive
Medical Update, by Dr. Sherry Rogers
Identifying Allergy Triggers, by Cecli O'Grady

AEHA Newsletter June 1992
The Helping Garden, by Helen Lofgren

AEHA Newsletter Fall 1991
Disabled, Unemployed, On Welfare: It Can Happen to Anyone, by Lynn Thompson

AEHA Newsletter December 1991
Coping With Chronic Illness, Notes from a lecture by Dr. Michael Vallis

AEHA Newsletter Fall 1990
Discovering My Immune System, by Liz Houghtling

AEHA Newsletter Winter 1990
Learning Disabilities - The Environmental Connection, AEHA Quarterly Winter 1990