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Protect NS citizens from pesticides now, coalition says, UPdate Fall 2008
Triclosan + tap water = chloroform, UPdate Fall 2008

Provincial pesticide bylaws on the agenda in 2008, UPdate Fall 2008

Medically unexplained illnesses: study reveals impacts of illnesses, UPdate Summer 2007

Why 54 of 55 municipalities in NS can’t have a pesticide bylaw, UPdate Summer 2007
Pesticides, fertilizers threaten brain development, UPdate Summer 2007
Best practices for pesticide reduction
Don’t be fooled: Weed and Feed means pesticides

Anti bacterial Soaps do More Harm than Good, UPdate Spring 2007
Which foods contain the least pesticides?, UPdate Spring 2007

Mothballs, air fresheners and cancer, UPdate Spring 2007

Feds refuse pesticide moratorium, UPdate Summer 2006
Chinch bugs... vacuum them, swamp them, feed them to the birds, UPdate Summer 2006
Pesticides destroy frog immunity, fertility, UPdate Summer 2006
Cancer Society says NB should ban pesticides, UPdate Summer 2006

Glufosinate hampers brain development, UPdate Spring 2006
Denmark considers pesticide quotas, UPdate Spring 2006
Fluoride in your food?, UPdate Spring 2006
Head lice: the key is in the comb, UPdate Spring 2006
What’s wrong with chemical based lice shampoos, UPdate Spring 2006
Lice Dos and Don'ts, UPdate Spring 2006
Britain: Buffer zone for agricultural pesticides, UPdate Spring 2006

Pesticide Bans Spreading, UPdate Spring 2004
Ontario Physicians Trash Pesticides, UPdate Spring 2004
Pesticides Build Up in Our Bodies, UPdate Spring 2004

Pesticides Disrupt Brain Development and Reproduction - excerpts from Dr. Margaret Sanborn
Garden Aids for the Poison Free Gardener, by Barbara Harris, UPdate Spring 2003
The Hazards of DEET, UPdate Spring 2003
Eight Reasons Why Spraying Pesticides is Not the Solution to West Nile Virus, by Rebecca Watson
Don't Play With CCA: Treated Wood Still on the Market, Website Special Article, June 2003
On the Beach, Website Special Article, June 2003
Phase Out Begins for Pressure Treated Wood and Playgrounds, Website Special Article, Winter 2003

Bayer Wants Human Pesticide Tests, UPdate Fall 2002
Pesticides Crash Frog Immune Systems, UPdate Fall 2002
Pesticide Ads Illegal & Deceptive, UPdate Fall 2002
DND Scraps Lawn Pesticides, UPdate Fall 2002
European Union Withdraws Pesticides, UPdate Fall 2002
Quebec Limits Cosmetic Pesticides, UPdate Fall 2002
Loblaws Eliminates Chemical Pesticides, UPdate Summer 2002
Cancer Society Opposes Cosmetic Pesticide Use, UPdate Summer 2002
Quebec Prefers Dandelions to Pesticides, UPdate Summer 2002
New Federal Pesticide Bill in the Works, UPdate Summer 2002
Pesticide Reduction in the Maritimes, UPdate Summer 2002
Cross Border Toxins, UPdate Summer 2002
Arsenic Treated Wood Precautions, UPdate Summer 2002
Arsenic: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment, UPdate Summer 2002
Lumber Exposes Prompt Phaseout, by Rebecca Watson, UPdate Summer 2002
Pesticide Restrictions Sprouting Like Weeds, Website Special Article, December 2001
Prevention is the Cure, UPdate Fall 2001
Toxic Mixes Double Trouble, UPdate Fall 2001
Cancer and the Role of Environment, UPdate Fall 2001
A Young Crusader Speaks About Pesticides, Children and Cancer,   September, 2001, Special Article
Halifax Cosmetic Pesticide Ban in Place, UPdate Summer 2001
Biting Insects - What To Do, UPdate Summer 2001
Is There An Effective Way to Control Fleas That Is Safe for My Pet And Family?, UPdate Summer 2001
Letter to the Editor: "What About the Rest of Us?", Winter 2001
Feds Fumble Pesticide Progress, UPdate Winter 2001

HRM Debates Cosmetic Lawn Pesticide Use, UPdate Spring/Summer 2000
Pesticide Use - Incomplete Knowledge No Excuse, UPdate Spring/Summer  2000
Cosmetic Pesticides - Risks Outweigh Benefits, UPdate Spring/Summer 2000
Pesticides & Cancer, UPdate Spring/Summer 2000
Wells, Pesticides Don't Mix,UPdate Winter 2000
Do you really want to use pressure treated wood?, UPdate Spring/Summer 2000
Why Halifax Regional Municipality Should Ban Cosmetic Pesticide Use, NSAEHA Special Presentation, March 2000

Broad Support for Limiting Pesticides, UPdate Fall 1999
What's Keeping Your Municipality From Passing a Pesticide Bylaw?, UPdate Spring 1999
Pesticides Don't Go Away - a letter to the editor, UPdate Fall 1999
Useful Reference Books re: creating pesticide free gardens, UPdate Spring 1999
How Much Do You Pay For Your Neighbour’s Lawn Care?, by Florence Senay, UPdate Spring 1999
Treated Wood: Do You Know What You're Using?, by Andrea Johnson, Website Special Article, Winter 1999

Neighborly Pesticides, by Colleeen Pawlychka, AEHA National UPdate Summer 1997
Pesticides or Us, by Katherine Auslander, UPdate Spring 1997

BTK Biocide Victory, UPdate Spring 1996

Bugged by Garden Pests?  Natural Solutions that Work,   UPdate Summer 1995

Making Healing Changes, by Dawn McLaughlin Mongillo